My Philosophy
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Number 6
People over Profit.
Community over Competition.
Inspiration over Insecurity.
Passion over Perfection.
Commitment to Constant Improvement.
Authenticity. Always.

My Mission

To educate and empower female entrepreneurs to increase their visibility, income and impact by helping them launch, grow and scale their businesses.

My Core Values

↠ Have Integrity.
Integrity is non-negotiable in my business practices and all that I do, personally and professionally. For me, this means being ethical, honest and transparent, even when it may not the easiest path to take. I strive to work with women and companies who also value and demonstrate integrity in their lives and businesses.

↠ Nurture community.
A cornerstone of my business is community over competition, and it has had such a ripple effect in my personal life as well. Because a rising tide truly does lift all boats, and we really are all in this together. 

↠ Empower and Educate.
I really aim to be a resource for women everywhere, especially women who are building their business online. I aspire to make a difference in the world and also in the lives of the entrepreneurs I work with by not only teaching them skills they can use but also by empowering and encouraging them to use those skills to make a difference, too.

↠ Seek Freedom.
Live a life of adventure.

↠ Be Fearless.
Embarking on the adventure of entrepreneurship can be a lonely, difficult and terrifying journey. But I do my best to push through the fear and do it anyway, in situations that arise in business and also in situations that arise in my own life. Overcoming fear can lead to great strength and incredible progress in both.

↠ Positivity.

↠ Passion.

↠ Inclusivity.

↠ Remember where you came from.
I have deep roots, but I have strong wings too; both have been an integral part of my journey. I am extremely blessed and have a great privilege to be here, and I don’t take that for granted. I try to always be humble and kind, remember where I came from and the lessons learned along the way. <3