Why Mindset is so Important

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Your mindset is a big deal. Why is it such a big deal?

It can really play a huge part in your happiness, your health, your relationships, your finances and particularly your business.

We can be our own worst critics and sabotage ourselves at every possible turn. That can be particularly true if we don’t even recognize what we’re doing and we keep going in the same patterns. But here’s the thing with mindset – our mindsets can actually influence the behaviors that we take. If we have a mindset or a belief that we can stretch beyond our current abilities and grow and achieve things that may be currently outside of our reach, then we are more likely to push through challenges, reflect to understand how to approach something differently next time, and adapt.

If we believe that our abilities have limits, we may look at it with a “that’s it” attitude. This means we may choose not to seek understanding, we don’t adapt and we just accept failure as a reason to give up. And sometimes this can even manifest itself in ways that we choose not to even try at all because we don’t believe it’s possible to be successful.

As an entrepreneur, our mindsets will help us consider options that are possible for our business. If you remember I said there are two types of mindsets, a fixed mindset and a growth mindset? A fixed mindset likely means that one will accept the status quo and act in scarcity. The scarcity mindset is incredibly limiting and will hold people back because it creates this self-fulfilling prophecy. When acting with a scarcity mindset, someone usually believes that there is only a small piece of the pie that is achievable or has a “well this is as good as it’s going to get” type of attitude.

On the flip side there is a growth, also known as an abundance mindset. Now if you are here right now, if you have started or are even contemplating starting a business, you more than likely have a growth mindset. That doesn’t mean that self-doubt and scarcity will sometimes creep in, but a growth mindset really just acknowledges possibilities. Growth mindsets recognize that even if something is not true today, with a little bit of dedication, consistency, passion and belief, it is absolutely possible. And “it” can be whatever you want it to be.
Signing clients
Having monetary success
Retiring your significant other
Building a successful business
Insert your “thing” here.

Growth or abundance mindset is an optimistic view where you are not simply winning or losing but always learning. This view focuses on growth and what could be or already is rather than what is lacking.

Now one thing I’d like to point out is that other people’s beliefs about you do not define you. And that can be really hard to navigate when you’re first starting to dive into mindset. Oftentimes we grow up with parents who may not have been supportive. Or maybe kids were really mean to us and it made us feel like we couldn’t do something. Here’s the thing: experiences can have a huge influence on how we deal with things in our present moment.

And this is where mindset and really having a handle on it becomes so important. You have to sift through all the crap you hear and see to figure out what you truly believe. That could mean years and years of stuff to sift through. And this work can be some of the hardest work you’ll do, but when you have a rock solid mindset, I promise you, you are freaking unstoppable.

So it’s a well-known belief that like attracts like, so if we want more positivity in our lives, we have to focus on creating a positive mindset.

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