How to Shift your Mindset

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Know that mindset matters, and that you are not the problem. You may just have some thought patterns that aren’t serving you

Start being aware + start noticing thought patterns.

Start thinking about the thought pattern feedback
loop: how they affect mood, how you act, the decisions you make, and the results you get.

Work on starting to change those engrained patterns, which we’ll talk a little bit more about in a minute.

I work on my mindset EVERY day. And there are still a lot of things I’m working through and some things that trigger me, but I have seen massive, massive, massive growth by doing mindset work. For those of you who know some of my story, you may know that for literally the first 3 years of my business I thought mindset was silly. And it wasn’t until I shifted this belief and started to actually be receptive that it may have its benefits and THEN I started practicing it that things took off. So don’t feel like you have to do any of this perfectly. It’s more about being mindful and also figuring out what works for you.

But bottom line: The fastest and most impactful way to shift your mindset and lean into that growth is to reprogram your thoughts.

Affirmations are a great place to start when it comes to mindset. However, affirmations by themselves will not change your life, they’re simply a tool to change your inner talk.

Start by looking at the negative things you say to yourself every day and simply flip them around. I once had a business coach to even encourage me to name that annoying little voice in my head. So lets say Negative Nancy. So that little voice in your head has a name, has a voice, and you can acknowledge that she is there. That’s fine. Because at the end of the day Negative Nancy is really just trying to protect you. But you can start shifting Negative Nancy into Positive Polly over time and with small steps. So if you tell yourself, or Negative Nancy is telling you that you can’t do this, flip that and start with “I CAN DO THIS”. And I’d also recommend to start to shift that into the present tense. For example, “I’m never going to sign clients.” Flip that to “I sign clients with ease.”

Our brains are interesting things. And our thoughts can get stuck in patterns and bad habits. Now if we jump back to how we defined it at the beginning of this video, quite literally by definition, when we’re referencing mindset what we’re talking about are habits of our mind.

So what I mean by this is if you’re stuck signing clients right now and your first thought always reverts to “I don’t know what I’m doing” then those thoughts are going to be constantly reinforced in our lives and subsequently, it’s going to be insanely difficult to sign clients. Our neural pathways take the easiest route.

So you can think of them like ruts in a muddy road. If you’re driving down a muddy road, it’s going to be easier to keep going on the pathway that’s already been created rather than veering into uncharted territory and creating a new path. The first time will be hard. The second time will be a little bit easier but still difficult. Then it will get a little easier the next time. And so on. And so on until you’ve created a new path.

Our brains work the same way. We have to train them. So that’s why when we’re first starting to dive into mindset, it’s so important. It’s important to be mindful of our thoughts and how we view things and honestly what we’re telling ourselves. Because our thoughts really do become reality.

Okay so we talked a little bit about affirmations, another way to shift mindset is by practicing gratitude.

Gratitude is one of the highest vibrational feelings and it’s the fastest way to feel calm and happy in your life.
So by practicing gratitude I really mean just start being mindful of what you’re thankful for and being grateful. You can write gratitude journal, say it out loud or even send a message to your friends about all the things you’re grateful for!

There for a while when I was in a really, really low point in my life, and subsequently business, I started writing out 10 things I was grateful for every night before I went to bed. It may sound silly but it’s amazing how much of a difference it can make in our thought patterns and in our lives.

Something else you can do is to move.

Energy lives in our bodies and when you don’t move them, you feel stuck!!
Find any movement that you LOVE!
Dancing, walking, running, yoga. Just get some movement and get that energy flowing. This is particularly true when no one can go anywhere and we’re all stuck inside all day.

Another way we can shift: Meditate.

You don’t need hours in the day to practice meditation. Honestly even 5 or 10 minutes of meditating is going to make an impact. And this isn’t something you have to pull a yoga mat out and sit with your palms up for 60 minutes and say “ommm” for. You can do that, absolutely, but you can practice it while walking your dog, doing the dishes, whatever. The trick is to just be mindful.

Melody had a question about shifting mindset. “How do you shift into a “I can do this” mindset when you’re about to do something that scares the crap out of you and you feel like people are going to laugh at you”

So the biggest thing that I would say to this is to try to flip the script. Every single entrepreneur feels fear. So there actually is some solidarity in knowing that we’re not alone.

But if you are struggling with feeling like there are already enough people doing what you’re doing, how could there possible be enough room for you?

Try to flip the script to: There is only one me and only one person who can this experience, this approach, this insight, and this support in the way that I do. My experiences make me worth listening to.

If you’re thinking you’ll never be as good as Sally Sue next door.

Try flipping the script to: That’s awesome! They did it, that’s totally proof that I can, too!

If you don’t do something to avoid the possibility of failure, you’re also avoiding the possibility of success. This also cycles a little bit back to the scarcity mindset, but if you’re pushing off starting that group, launching that podcast, announcing that group program because you’re terrified of failing, try to flip that script.

If you don’t do something to avoiding failing, you’re literally taking success off the table
Try flipping it to:  I’m always learning and improving my craft

Something else that has been helpful for me when I feel like I’m going to throw up because I’m so scared of failure or judgment (two of my big fears) – is thinking about the people I’m serving, the people that I want to impact and the reason why I’m doing this. So this goes more into branding basics and foundations, but when those thoughts are popping up for you, try to flip the script and shift back into WHY you’re doing this to begin with. WHO are you speaking to. And if you need a little extra push on that, know that literally YOU are the only person in the entire world who can do that thing, share that message and serve your audience like you can.

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